Financial ratios and cash flows

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Cash Flow Indicator Ratios

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Measure operating, investing and financial performance using appropriate ratios and cash flow tools Interpret the key impacts of financial statement footnotes Session 1 – Introduction.

Statement of Cash Flows: Operating Activities, Investing Activities, Financing Activities Financial Statement Analysis, Financial Ratios Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Forms. The operating cash flow ratio is one of the most important cash flow ratios.

How to Calculate Cash Flow Leverage

Cash flow is an indication of how money moves into and out of the company and how the company pays its bills. Operating cash flow considers cash flows that a company accrues from operations as related to its current debt.

The cash to equity ratio is the ratio of a company’s cash on hand against the total net worth of the company.

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It excludes the liabilities, expenditures and debts a company has already serviced. The cash to equity ratio is also a measure of the value or worth of a company to its shareholders. Financial Ratio Analysis sign of cash flow problems. Compare your days in accounts payable to supplier terms of repayment.

Total Asset Turnover = Revenue This is an important indication of financial health. Ratio What does it tell you? Current Ratio = Current Assets. The ratios in this section use cash flow compared to other company metrics to determine how much cash they are generating from their sales, the amount of cash they are generating free and clear.

Financial ratios and cash flows
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Operating Cash Flow Ratio