I2b business plan wettbewerb bier

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JOANNEUM RESEARCH is a business oriented leader of innovation focusing on applied research and technology development, linked to a worldwide network. Sustainable health research is the central theme at the Medical University of Graz.

Innovative and practical training, and first class, personalized patient care characterize its range of services. i2b provides startups with an online tool to write their business plan as well as two free professional feedbacks to the business plans submitted at ecoleducorset-entrenous.com At the same time we publish an annual Business Plan Handbook with the volume of pieces to provide the startups with relevant advice and information.

5 th place at i2b Businessplan-Wettbewerb in the category "Technology" (i2b business plan competition in the category "Technology") 20 th place at GEWINN-Jungunternehmer-Wettbewerb (GEWINN-young entrepreneurs ranking ).

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I2b business plan wettbewerb bier
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