Riio ed1 business plan

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RIIO-ED1 Business plan assessment and fast-tracked consultation

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DNOs still able to 'game the system' under RIIO

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RIIO-ED1 final determinations for the slow-track electricity distribution companies

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Plots of the RIIO tell include the mandatory consideration of statistical investment strategies. Ofgem today published their decision for the cost of equity for the upcoming electricity distribution price control, RIIO ED1.

RIIO-ED1 final determinations for the slow-track electricity distribution companies

This has reduced their central estimate of the cost of equity for the Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) by percentage points compared to the November business plan. This document explains our settlements (final determinations) for the next network price control (RIIO-ED1) which will come into effect in April and run for.

Advancing economics in business Ofgem, the energy regulator for Great Britain, recently launched RIIO, its new model for regulating Britain’s gas and electricity networks. Ofgem consultationRIIO-ED1: Electricity Distribution Network Operators’ Revised Business Plans 16 April Ofgem issued a consultation on 31 March on the distribution network operators’ (DNOs’) resubmitted business plans for the next distribution price control, RIIO-ED1.

UK Power Networks has accepted Ofgem’s final proposals for the RIIO-ED1 electricity price control for the next 8 years up to We will now set about implementing our business plan within this new financial framework.

As a result, thoseDNOs’ business plans were subject to less scrutiny and revision by Ofgem and their determinations were announced earlier than for other DNOs.

Ofgem’s RIIO-ED1 ‘Slow Track’ Final Determinations CRITICAL THINKING AT THE CRITICAL TIME™.

Riio ed1 business plan
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